Jóia da Coroa, place of charm was once the former Alliança Goldsmith’s, considered the largest of the Iberian peninsula. The stories kept on the walls of the Jóia da Coroa date back to the 19th century, where Rua, now Rua das Flores, was called Rua Santa Catarina das Flores, here was the heart of the commerce of the city of Porto, where it was marketed Gold and pieces.

Classified as a National Monument, this building is part of a set of six, which go to Rua dos Caldeireiros. Here the officials entered the last floor where the furnaces and workshops of the Goldsmiths were.

This imposing building, full of historical details, received the Queen of England in the 50s, the Wife of Franco and Queen Amelia when she was hospitalized in Oporto.

Here was made the centerpiece that is exhibited in the Clude Football Museum of Porto, commissioned by its partners to Ourivesaria Alliança when it won against Arsenal.

The building was designed by the architect Francisco de Oliveira Ferreira, who also architect the Brazilian of Porto and Lisbon.

All windows, doors and mirrors are of the time and all are in crystal. The ceilings were all restored to gold leaf, all from the early twentieth century.

Welcome to the Jóia da Coroa, where the greatest luxury we can give you is “carry it” with us on a journey through time. Where the family and friends coexist here.

We want you to feel like a Princess, a Prince and enjoy this majestic space.